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Nanyang explosion protection group motor co., LTD. Was established in the new1958Years,Formerly known as nanyang motor factory;1994Years and the nanyang explosion-proof electric formed nanyang explosion protection group, etc;2007At the end of the year by state-owned enterprise restructuring for the private joint-stock enterprises,Was one of nanyang explosion-proof group subsidiary backbone。

The company is located in nanyang high-tech development zone industrial park of the no. 2,Cover an area of an area40000Square meters,The construction area12000Square meters;Annual production capacity90WanKW.The existing staff360People,The engineering and technical personnel52People。Since the company restructuring,Adhere to the production、To learn、The combination of research development,And huazhong university of science and technology,Nanyang explosion protected electrical research institute has established solid technology based on relationships,Committed to the development of all kinds of high efficiency and energy saving motor development,Has made gratifying achievements。

The company has perfect motor production and experimental testing equipment,The advanced quality management system is established,Small and medium sized explosion-proof motor、High efficiency and energy saving motor、High voltage motor three categories20Multiple series of motor products,Widely used in coal mine at home and abroad、The oil、Chemical industry、Military industry and other industries,Jn40%Products are exported to the、O、The United States、Australian countries。

Our company insist for a long time“As good as it gets”The style of work;We would like to serve“Character decision products、Products embody character”The management idea;In order to develop“Efficient、Energy saving、Environmental protection、And reliable”A new type of motor as the main direction of products;Committed to continuously improve product quality and service quality,Constantly develop new products,Broadening the service field,For the majority of users with more high-quality products and perfect service。
We sincerely look forward to new and old friends patronage and cooperation!

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