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Product display

Product display

Kang Hui4Big core strengths

9Years focused on food machinery research and development and production

Shandong private food machinery research and development enterprises

10000㎡Production base

Equipment sold throughout the country

Advanced equipment,Advanced technology guarantee

The acquisition of domestic advanced production equipment

Process inspection before product launch

Process inspection before product launch

The quality of high quality ,Affordable prices

Cengcengbaguan,Guarantee the quality of products

Stable after-sales service,Ensure that customer use

Entity factory production,Price is more reasonable

Perfect after-sales service

Provide equipment planning,Customization design,Ensure product customization production

Customer manager one-on-one service

7*24Corresponding service hours customer problems

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About us

Zhucheng Kang Hui machinery co., LTD

Zhucheng Kang Hui machinery co., LTD is a professional engaged in thousand pages tofu chopping machine,Rhizomes cleaning machine,Air drying washing basket machine,Big ginger cleaning machine,Frozen thawed machine,Saline injection machine,Mixing filling machine,Vacuum filling machine,Vegetable cleaning equipment,Vacuum roll kneading machine,Sausage filler and other meat processing machinery development、Design、Manufacture and sales of modern enterprise。Kang Hui machinery co., LTD always adhere to the quality to win,To customer satisfaction as the standard quality。From product design、Production to the user use process are strictly enforced a series of quality assurance measures。Establish user profiles,To provide users with professional,Quickly、Perfect after-sales service and maintenance,Ensure that users no worries。Company according to the requirements of the market suitable for medium enterprise production by the use of a variety of meat products of complete sets of equipment:The chopping machine、Roll kneading machine、Saline injection machine、Meat machine、Meatball machine。Binding wire machine。Sausage filler。Planer meat machine。Fish meat machine。Mixing filling machine。Packaging machine。Meat grinder。Meat tenderizer,Sell well all over the country。The enterprise products to food processing、Canning、Frozen food such as meat processing complete sets of equipment。To provide users with one-stop service。...

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Common problems

Manufacturer to elaborate potatoes peeled cleaning machine

Potatoes are very common in our life,Are you like to eat

Fresh ginger ginger cleaning process

Pickles in our life is every family all like very much to eat,There is a kind of raw materials in our pickles is ginger pickles,Very good,Favored by people...

Pepper cleaning equipment in detail

With the development of our society,The improvement of people's living standard,More and more people begin to pay close attention to fruit and vegetable food,Before the pesticide residues in fruits and vegetables...

Food packaging how to dry

How can I clean quickly remove the bags the stain,Flexible packaging dryer that is heavy card air drying machine,High strength and love,The knife type outlet,Let you...

What's good about roller hair roller cleaning machine

Roller roller cleaning machine:This washing machine can also be used to pickle、carro、The potato、Sweet potatoes、The apple、Pears、Euonymus roots like fruits and vegetables such as cleaning peeling。