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Shengjia hk with light and love bless each family,For each family to create the most the bedroom of sweet and comfortable living space。
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Everyone need a place to net the in the mind
The fracas,Fill the empty heart,
Reduction mind most deep place, peaceful and serene。

Brand value

Shengjia hundred brand lamp is acted the role of leading brands sold in Europe and the United States,Was voted industry's most influential brand,Is the lighting
Production standard benchmark enterprises。Choose shengjia hundred brand,Is in the high-end consumer status symbol。

Stable quality

Shengjia hundred brand from the design、Research and development、Production and sales integration(Most of the enterprises to adopt OEM),The introduction of advanced quality
Ensure the stability of product quality management system,Provides consumers with health、Environmental protection、Security product experience。
And SAN jia hk, all products by the China people's insurance company underwriting。

The variety is complete

Shengjia hk production material of the brands using dozens of the above、Thousands of kinds of style fully expressed the high grade of Europe and the United States
Way of life,For the high-end consumer personality、The demand of fashion provides a richer choice space。“Endless choice、Changed the effect”。

High cost performance

Shengjia hk group in the pursuit of brand awareness、The product quality、At the same time of leading design concept,Strictly control product price system,In order to
The most reasonable price of high-end consumers love,Be in the high-end consumer is the most value、Noble status symbol
Brand。“An aristocrat、A bargain”。

The original design

Shengjia hundred brand of each product are full performance with the European and American cultural charm and connotation of design elements,First to be led
Europe and the leader of the lighting design trends。

Decorative life,Light up the dream

Shengjia hk, is a collection of lighting·LED·Light the fan·Furniture·Act the role ofing is tasted·Soft outfit in the integration of high-end brand in Europe and the whole household,Has more than 10 years of professional product design、Production and brand marketing management experience of the production process。Its existing yet、Carat、@、Jade-like stone DengZi brand,Products based on European and American classic,In the wake of American fashion,Perfecting the American classic、American modern、East new American、LEDIntelligent lighting culture connotation。Shengjia hk adhering“Want to industry,The anxious customer urgent”The beginner's mind,In order to“Originality、Quality、Innovation、Vitality、Brand”Core elements for the enterprise,Keep pace with The Times,With rich variety of products、Professional service,Space for each family to create the comfortable life that occupy the home,Fashion trend in life

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Brand style

Honorary certificate

The lamp is acted the role of small encyclopedia
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