A key automatic intelligent production startUDisk

Say goodbye to the complicated,Simple and easy to use,A key automatic startupUPlate making, Fully compatible with allUDisk

Fully compatible with all old and new computer

Big sweet potatoesGhostVersion and the originalWindowsSystem,Support dual graphics notebook to enterPESystem,New blue screen technology,To enterPETime can be shortened to1Minutes

Abandon the optical drive and cd-rom,A dish of dual-use

Zero technology base,A key automatic production startUDisk,When at ordinary timesUPlate is used,When need repair disk can be used as a system

UWrite protect,Virus protection,Security and stability

The write protect technology,Completely cut off the spread of the virus。UNumber plate, speaking, reading and writing can reach8Ten thousand times,High speed transmission,No more than the entire process5Minutes

uPlate start tool

uPlate start tool

Big sweet potatoesuDisk boot disk production toolsUEFIVersion(v5.0.18.327)Download

Now there are a lot of computer are compatibleuefiBoot mode,This is also a trend in the future,And the big sweet potatoes also launched big yams premium version for youuDisk boot disk production toolsv5.0.18.327

Big sweet potatoesuDisk boot disk tools installed version(v5.0.18.327)Download

Now useuDisk boot disk installation method for computer has a lot of,The sameuDisk boot disk production tools are also emerge in endlessly,How to choose a gooduDisk boot disk tools has become the users of a problem,After our long sweet potatoes

Big sweet potatoesuDisk boot disk production toolsv5.0Premium version download

In order to supportuefiStart,Big sweet potatoes introduced advanced editionuDisk boot disk production tools,Below for everyone to tally up this version updates and features。

BIOSSet the tutorial

BIOSSet the tutorial

Hewlett-packard (HP)elitebook840 g3Use a notebookbiosSettingsuPlate start tutorial

Hewlett-packard (HP)elitebook840 g3Laptop carrying the sixth generation of Intel corei5Showing a processor and performance level,To share HP todayelitebook840 g3Use a notebookbiosSettingsuPlate start tutorial。

Mechanict58Use a notebookbiosSettingsuPlate start tutorial

Mechanict58Picked up his notebookintelCore processor and the sixthgtx10Series of graphics,Today for everyone to share mechanict58Notebook SettingsuPlate start tutorial。

The shenzhou god of wark640eUse a notebookbiosSettingsuPlate start tutorial

The shenzhou god of wark640eLaptop with good performance,To make users more smoothly all kinds of large network game,Today for everyone to share the shenzhou god of wark640eUse a notebookbiosSettingsuThe operation steps, which start。

UOffer common sense

win7How topingInternet connection The computerpingSpeed operation method is introduced

For a lot of usewin7Users of the system,Also don't know how to use the computerpingCheck your access to the Internet,To bring us belowwin7The computerpingThe speed of operation steps。

win7UseusbBlack screen video equipment how to solve Computer useusbBlack screen video equipment solutions

A recentlywin7Users of the system when using video cameras,Meet the camera blank screen,The user does not know how to solve this problem,Today for all to sharewin7Computer useusbBlack screen video equipment solutions。

win7The disk can't open how to solve Computer disk solution doesn't open

A recentlywin7Users of the system using a computer,Touch the disk abnormal situation,Whether it iscDisk、dOr oneeDisk cannot be opened,Today for all to sharewin7Computer disk solution doesn't open。

win7FormattinguOffer hintswindowsUnable to complete format how to solve

A recentlywin7Users of the system,For myselfuDisk formatting,The system always prompts“windowsUnable to complete the formatting”,To bring us belowwin7Computer formatuOffer hintswindowsCannot complete the formatted solution。

win7How to view the video memory Computer memory check method is introduced

A recentlywin7Users of the system in the use of computers,Don't know how to check the size of the memory,To bring us todaywin7Computer memory check method。

win7How to delete the recycle bin icon Computer to delete operation method of the recycle bin icon

A recentlywin7System users prefer their own computers have a clean desk,So want some icon is deleted,Today for all to sharewin7Computer to delete operation method of the recycle bin icon。

win7Physical memory too much how to solve Computer high physical memory solutions

Many computer users find their computer is slow,Thought it was poisoning,After screening by not poisoning,But the computer's physical memory takes up too high,Today for all to sharewin7Computer high physical memory solutions。

win7How close the user account control Settings Computer shut down user account control Settings

A recentlywin7In the process of system users in the use of computers,System is always remind of user account control Settings,Today for all to sharewin7Computer shut down the operation of the user account control Settings。

Big sweet potatoes how to set up the bootuPlate of start

Big sweet potatoesuDisk boot disk before rebinding system,Will beuDisc set to boot startup is one of the essential steps,Let me explain how to set up for youuDisk boot startup。

Big sweet potatoes local mode installation tutorial

There are three kinds of big sweet potatoesuPlate production mode,Intelligent model respectively、isoMode and local mode,Already with you in detail the use of the first two,Today we take a look at a large yams local mode installation method。

Big sweet potatoesisoModel productionuDisk boot disk tutorial

Big sweet potatoesuDisk boot disk tools to launch after widespread high praise by the user,Today we are going to see big sweet potatoesisoModel productionuThe process of plate of startup disk。

Big sweet potatoesuDisk boot disk tutorial

Download and install large yams the new versionuDisk boot disk production tools,How to setuDisk into a startup disk?Follow the below small make up to get to know big sweet potatoesuDisk boot disk process in detail。

Big sweet potatoesuPlate installationwin10Tutorial system

win10The system just launch soon,Many users want to try the new system,Sample a,But as a result“360Security guards”、“Tencent's housekeeper”Such as temporarily stop the upgradewin10,Many users don't know how to installwin10,I teach you todayuHow to installwin10System

Big sweet potatoesuPlate installationwin8Tutorial system

win8On the operation has changed the previous logic operation,Startup time than beforewindowsVersion is faster,Less memory,Work environment more effective and feasible。Apply now to pursue personalized young generation very much。

Big sweet potatoesuPlate installationwin7Tutorial system

win7System is by far the largest number of peoplewindowsSystem,People used to usewin7But I don't like after systemwin8、win10Fancy interface,So many people want to usewin7System。

Big sweet potatoesuPlate installationxpTutorial system

Many usersxpThe system has a special liking,WhyxpHave so big of charm?Know before, we must first understand how to useuIn trayxpSystem。

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